Monday, September 14, 2015

The Day Before..

I spent yesterday shopping and getting some things done like a total clean out of my fridge and freezer. Today I have a trip to Trader Joe's to pick up the last of what I think I will need to get started. My house smells amazing as I have had a bone broth simmering in the oven all night. I will divide that up and freeze it for soups and dishes. I also got some ground pork and seasoned it for sausage. It will be interesting to see how that turns out. Today I find myself excited but have that little bit of anxiety about this commitment. I am confident it is the right thing for me but concerned about the work only because I usually have a little person running amuck here which makes preparing anything hard. I will figure it all out though. I am eager for the challenge and change  that is the reward.

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