Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day #6

Today was #6 and I really feel great. The "carb flu" that I read about has not struck and I am going to cross my fingers that it doesn't. It has been a great day as I had time to walk, then went and had my nails done and hair trimmed. It was a day focused on me and while I truly don't want to be selfish, I did enjoy the time out and special attention. I did a little grocery shopping and then came home and did some prep. I grilled some vegetables, my sausage and some turkey burgers for the week. I also got a nice pineapple cut up which I left part in the refrigerator and froze the rest. Frozen pineapple is a treat. For Meal #1 I had the Monkey salad, sweet potato hash browns cooked in coconut oil and a 3 egg omelet filled with sautéed arugula and sweet peppers. Meal #2 was a leftover meal in which I took a baked potato and put my chili from last night on it. I had a plum as well. Meal #3 was great. I cooked some prosciutto and then sweated some cabbage down with it. (made plenty so I have extras for the week) I had grilled eggplant, asparagus and turkey Andouille sausages. The sausages were a real find as I read label after label to see if something existed that didn't contain sugar, nitrates or other harmful junk. These fit the bill as well as some turkey breakfast links I found. At the Deli counter I was assisted in finding some ham that didn't contain sugar. Reading labels is a real eye opener as it seems like so many products are sugar filled along with so much other crap. It is really hard to find food items that are in a more natural state. I guess so much of this program is built on "WHOLE" nutrition and I am finding that enlightening. 24 more days to go. I haven't decided my course when I am done but I definitely think I will continue doing this if not at least eat a more paleo in nature diet. One step at a time.


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