Friday, September 18, 2015

Day #4

Today started with a headache but midmorning it is gone with the aid of Ibuprophen. Meal #1 was a 3 egg scramble tossed with the last of my roasted root vegetables, red pepper and some bacon. I ate half a pear also. I tried a different kind of coffee with the coconut cream but it still tastes bitter and not really enjoyable. I think I will most likely swear off coffee for the rest of this program. It is just not the same without my Equal and ff half&half. I did leave food on my plate as I felt full. I am trying the flavored sparkling water that has no sweetners and it is tolerable but not a huge fan. Water is much better. :)  The new nonstick skillet I bought has been such a big help. It really makes a huge difference in the amount of fat I have to add for cooking. I am using the healthy fats suggestions from Whole30 but I just don't like to cook with that much. I bought a plantain yesterday and am excited to attempt tostones. Well Meal #2 was okay but I expected more flavor. I made a chicken salad with olive oil mayo, celery, cashews and pineapple. I used leaf lettuce for wraps and had sliced tomatoes and tostones on the side. The tostones were awesome but I threw the last 3 away because I decided as super yummy as they are they satisfied a salty chip craving. I was at one point so stressed with a screaming toddler that I headed straight for the rest of what I had not plated so I could comfort eat. I stopped myself because I realized what I was doing. While having the others would have been okay meal plan wise I just threw them out to disconnect from the emotionally stressed munch. I feel really good about that choice. Well my 4th day is done. My #3 meal was London broil, sautéed swiss chard, butternut squash patties and cucumber/tomato salad. I feel good. I haven't had any real issues with energy so I hope that continues. 

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