Thursday, July 31, 2014

Walking Again….a Liberation

Walking again for me has felt liberating. I must admit there has been at least one day I had to talk myself in to it. That was probably the day I needed to go the most. It had been a crazy, stress-filled day and my brain was boiling over. I went on a nice 40 minute walk and meditated and prayed and felt great relief by the time I returned home. I am trying to formulate a plan of sorts as to how exactly I want to achieve my goal…but I guess more than anything it includes two things, steps (as in with my feet) and prayer. The eating better, and all the other things I need to be doing will be sorted out but movement in a forward direction with my feet and then constant communication with my Heavenly Father is critical. I need strength to worth through all the stuff I am packing around in my life. A person is not overweight because they love being overweight. That really just isn't true. Secondly at this time I have all these daily battles I am working through mentally and emotionally that throw up brick walls. They are not made with any mortar, just bricks and it is only I who can pick them up on at a time and unbuild the walls and make sure they stay down. "Steps" is literal and figurative because this work I need to do will come in steps. BUT…for now it is liberating to keep my shoes on throughout the day once I put them on with the understanding that a walk will come. I look forward to it, I work towards it, I wrap my day up and end it with that. It's my time to commune with with my thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I am using my phone of all things to make a blog entry. Today I walked. I actually walked twice. I have decided I can't stay this way and only I have the power to change me. So I have a goal to reach by my 50th birthday which is in a year and 6 months from now. It's reasonable. I told my husband I need to walk for mental and physical health. Sometimes I need to escape the house.I am heavy, tired, my feet hurt, my back hurts and I am overwhelmed with my life. I need to do something for me. Here it is. So it started before with those first steps and I am praying these will be the first steps to better health. Yes I did say praying because I did that along the way too. I need help from above.