Monday, October 27, 2008

Goo Gone is my friend!

You'd have "thunk" the kids would be the first to do it but no...........I did it! I admit it...I DID IT!
I have this cool candle warmer and I have it setting on the "bar" above my kitchen sink. I have a nice smelling pumpkin candle warming there. I was cleaning and decided to dust and wouldn't you know...I knocked it over and spilled wax everywhere including my carpet. THANK YOU GOO GONE! You got up most of it and I am amazed and ticked at myself for not being more careful!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's in the 50's outside...Nice

After experiencing "true cold" last fall and winter in MA....Fall here is shaping up nicely. It's crisp and dry outside today and not suppose to get out of the 60's.

Have I said that Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons of the year? Of course I had never experienced a real "Fall" until last year on Cape Cod. That was amazing...the colors of the leaves were spectacular....the cranberry bogs....floating the berries...I'll miss that. At least I have the memories, huh?

I have decorated a little bit for the season already. I miss my dear friend Tammy and how she would have her home so decked out. Yes, I have the pumpkin spice candles on warmers...the fake leaves on the entertainment little Pilgrams and Indians that Pretty T was going to give away to the thrift store but I rescued them. I even made a cornicopia with flowers in it.
Outside Justin and I spread out the spider webs, put some "gravestones" in the flower bed and set out the blow up ghost on a pumpkin. It looks so cool and of course Justin is a if he's happy....the whole world should be happy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am on the hunt.....

For the perfect blueberry muffin recipe....gonna do some serious baking....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Who are these gorgeous kids??? Their all mine...mwahahahahah

Kraft Foods has really messed up. No more Postum....what's this girl gonna do once my stash of 5 jars is gone..... :(

Let the blogging begin.

So here I am....I am finally going to take this leap and start a blog. I am willing to give it a whirl. I have enjoyed reading the blogs of so many talented and creative people that I know. I wonder if I'll figure it out and be able to make my look all snazzy.....time will tell huh.

I thought I would begin by telling a bit about myself for those who have forgotten about me....hahahaha...just kidding. For those whom I have lost touch with (my bad)'s a quick synopsis of the past couple of years......I am definitely not going to go to far back in to the past because I don't think I like blogging THAT MUCH! (grin)

We moved to Houston back in June of this year after having lived on Cape Cod, MA for a year. That was an amazing experience and though we thought it was a beautiful place....we were glad to only be there a year. I always thought I'd love to live in a place where it snows in the winter. The snow was magical but digging out the driveway only to have the snow plows push it all back was no fun. It was cool though to especially see Justin get so excited when those flakes would fall from the sky...he'd open the door and watch it come down.

Before we were in Cape Cod....we lived in Concord, CA where my husband was stationed on a Coast Guard Cutter out of Alameda, CA. So we lived in the East Bay Area. California was fun....and beautiful.....way too liberal for me but it was an amazing experience. After a couple of years of trying...we were finally blessed with our Justin there. He's our "tubal reversal" baby so living proof it can be done. He's been such a wonderful addition to our family. I love how each one of the older kids has such a special relationship with him. It's fun....and being a little bit older having him just seems easier. He'll turn 3 in just two weeks and time is going by too fast.

So back to Houston.....our eldest Kelley is a junior in high school. She's that lovely "dating" age and has no shortage of suitors. We just got her dress for the Homecoming Dance. I told Kent I am going to have to practice on her hair for the dance. I have a feeling I'll be doing lots of "hair doos" over the next couple of years between Kelley and Katie. I think he needs to get to polishing his guns! Ha!Ha! Kelley is beautiful and is really talented. She has taught herself to play guitar, she is an awesome artist and is a crazy blast to be around unless she is moody.......then it's just "whatever or fine" and a shoulder shrugg! Can anyone relate?

Katie is in 7th grade. When she was born she was called "beauty" and she truly is. She's a character and has horse blinders when it comes to school and what she wants to accomplish. I don't think I have ever met a kid so self motivated. She told me this summer that she wants to make straight A's this year. So far she has accomplished that even with taking 3 honors classes. She did have an 88 in band which really made her sour. I don't exactly how that happened because this kid practices (percussion) like crazy. She says she doesn't want to be in the band next year because she isn't good at it. I think it's more because she's mad about that 88 they gave her. She has an amazing spirit and is very dedicated to the gospel.....she keeps me on my toes.

Logan is in 5th grade. I wonder how to describe Logan......he's got a quirky sense of humor....a bad temper....enjoys a good "whine" without the cheese of course (hahahaha) He is in to his video games...and has discovered a flair for writing. He's really good. Logan is very loving and does very well in school but makes sure we know that he hates school.....I wonder what the future holds....hmmmmmmmmmmmm He recently turned 11 so is in the 11 year old scouts and is going on his first overnight camp out next week. He is so excited. I am excited for him.

Justin's birthday is 2 weeks from today. He is a mess....He can hold a conversation with anyone....he loves to read and sing and play outside. It's scary how he has this amazing comprehension of things....he gets "it".....doesn't matter what "it" is....he understands. He's a joy...and keeps us on our toes. At this age he has gotten to that fiercly independent stage. He was completely potty trained by age two and now insists on picking out his own clothes and dressing himself. Pockets don't always belong on the back of the pants do they? And shirts backwards just make it possibly for the folks to read all those cute sayings or look at the pictures too...right? He's fun....his favorite book is "Chica Chica Boom Boom".

Kent is in the Coast Guard. He's got over 16 years in. He's been in Alaska twice, Corpus twice, then CA, MA and now in Houston. He's happy to be in a place where he can actually hunt again. He went two weeks ago and got his first deer in I don't know how long. He's my hunter, fisherman and it's nice to see him get back to that and have something to think about other than work. He lights up when he talks about it ....he grew up in the country and doing the things he loves. I know he wishes we had a couple of acres now with a stocked pond and deer roaming freely....but that day will come.

So we finally bought our first home here in Houston. After years of cookie cutter military houses....we finally bit the bullet and bought one. We actually had it built for us which was an exciting adventure. I have to's no fun buying a home and having it built while your thousands of miles away. Kent flew down and picked out the house. (so if there is ever anything I don't like about it...I can say..."well, you picked it!"....Just kidding) He looked at a bunch in different areas but decided on this neighborhood and floor plan. I got to fly down....3 days alone...amazing....and I picked out the brick color, house color, interior colors, granite, fixtures, etc. I guess I had a part in the plan too.......hahahahah. We love the house....we don't love the power bills and plenty of "do nots and won't haves" on our list for our next home....It's a beautiful home though and the kids love being here without that feeling of ..."we'll be moving again" in 4 years. Kelley will graduate, Katie will and perhaps even Logan before we move again to that "rocking chair" home.....Hopefully that home will be somewhere in the Texas Hill country on a couple of acres with a tin roof, wrap around porch and stone fireplace. We have those dreams in the works.

What about me? Who am I? I am still working on that.....I have a medical coding class that I am supposed to be taking but need a good kick in the get back to it. I spend way too much time on the computer....need to lose weight.....have all kinds of projects I'd like to start but don't know where to begin. I recently became a "great aunt" for the first time so want to meet my new great nephew soon. I love to cook and bake. I consider myself a "jack of all trades...master of none" and I am usually pretty good at most things I try....just don't ever wrap myself around one thing long enough to get amazing at it. I have learned a lot in the past couple of years. I think the biggest lesson is how strong I am...There have been some experiences that have really thrown me for a loop but I know I am not along....I have my faith...I have prayer...I have my family, my church family and my military family. When Kent was on the ship for months at a time....all hell would break loose at never failed....but somehow everything always worked out. I am very grateful for those times....they strenghthened me....and taught me how to be a better mother and wife....and NO..........wouldn't want to do it again in a million years. :)

I do love living back in Texas. It's nice being so close to family again where we can get to know them better........especially the kids. We took a trip to Mississippi to visit Kent's family over the long Columbus Day weekend and then my parents came by for Saturday night and stayed until Sunday this weekend. We have missed everyone being so far away and all the holidays and such. We want the kids to know their grandparents, aunts, uncles,'s important. That is one of the hardest things about being in the's really hard to maintain that familiarity with family when your so far away.

So there's my jumping off point....a little about me and the family. I have no idea where this blog will take's just another project I suppose....but hopefully one I can actually master. I can become the "Queen Blogger".....LOL

Much Love To All!!!!