Monday, October 27, 2008

Goo Gone is my friend!

You'd have "thunk" the kids would be the first to do it but no...........I did it! I admit it...I DID IT!
I have this cool candle warmer and I have it setting on the "bar" above my kitchen sink. I have a nice smelling pumpkin candle warming there. I was cleaning and decided to dust and wouldn't you know...I knocked it over and spilled wax everywhere including my carpet. THANK YOU GOO GONE! You got up most of it and I am amazed and ticked at myself for not being more careful!

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Melissa said...

Love your blog! The kids have grown so much!
I can relate to your candle story, I once blew out a purple taper candle and blew purple wax all over the white wall! I have no idea how that happened!