Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's in the 50's outside...Nice

After experiencing "true cold" last fall and winter in MA....Fall here is shaping up nicely. It's crisp and dry outside today and not suppose to get out of the 60's.

Have I said that Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons of the year? Of course I had never experienced a real "Fall" until last year on Cape Cod. That was amazing...the colors of the leaves were spectacular....the cranberry bogs....floating the berries...I'll miss that. At least I have the memories, huh?

I have decorated a little bit for the season already. I miss my dear friend Tammy and how she would have her home so decked out. Yes, I have the pumpkin spice candles on warmers...the fake leaves on the entertainment little Pilgrams and Indians that Pretty T was going to give away to the thrift store but I rescued them. I even made a cornicopia with flowers in it.
Outside Justin and I spread out the spider webs, put some "gravestones" in the flower bed and set out the blow up ghost on a pumpkin. It looks so cool and of course Justin is a if he's happy....the whole world should be happy.


DANIELLE said...

I miss the leaves and cranberry bogs and Tammy (and your family), too. Thank goodness for memories!!! :)

On the flip side, come a month or two, we will both be VERY glad about where we are at. No one should ever have to live through negative degree weather.

Glass Family said...

I love the fall, that is definately one of the things I miss living in Florida - although I won't be missing the crazy snow storms here either.