Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you ever wonder?????

If there ever can come a point in time where it's okay to tell yourself your perfect just the way you are? Is there ever going to be a moment where I can allow myself to take a deep breath and whisper in such a way that it becomes my truth...I am okay?
I have thought, and over thought and then thought somemore about what my "problem is" and honestly, it would be easier to dig to the center of the universe. The one truth I keep coming back to is that I have NEVER allowed myself to be okay with who I am? I have NEVER...stopped and just loved who I was that very moment. I have been in a constant battle my entire life to fit myself in to mold that would allow me to be acceptable in the eyes of others but losing myself in the process.

I guess I am tired of always trying to be some "state of becoming". I'd rather just focus on who I am this very moment and go from there.