Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day #2....

This will be a post I add to throughout the day but wanted to note that I woke up with a beast of a headache this morning. I thought it was weird as I am not usually a headache person so I wonder what it could be???? It may be the smaller amount of caffeine I consumed yesterday. After 3 Ibuprophen I am better. I am really, really glad I did some food prep. before I started this. Cooking a pan of bacon, roasting veg's, cooking my homemade sausage patties, etc. has been so helpful. I am trying to make extra veg's when I cook dinner in the evenings for the family the Whole30 way so I can use the leftovers in future meals. The other night I cooked extra grilled pork chops which worked out fantastic warmed up for my dinner. I made the olive oil mayo and pantry dressing both recipes I got from the Whole30 book and they are divine in taste and helpful for adding flavor. The salad I made yesterday with Salmon was from Salmon I grilled the same time I did the pork chops. Today I am going to cook a pork roast and will shred it and put in small portions. Part of it will be for the family-add bbq sauce for quick pulled pork sandwiches. I will have mine differently, and according to the program. I don't mind cooking for the family a little differently than I do myself but they are enjoying some of it. I joked with my husband yesterday that I wondered when he would sneak off to McDonald's. :) Breakfast this morning was some bacon, roasted root veg's and arugula sautéed in a little ghee. Then I made a 3 egg white wrap to put under my veg. mixture. It was really good. I had strawberries on the side. One thing someone mentioned on a twitter feed or blog I read and that is a "drawback" to all this cooking....THE DISHES. I have to agree and that is why taking that day or so to prep as much as possible saves some time. With the toddler hot on my heels it is hard to spend loads of time in the kitchen and hard to sit and slowly eat. She demands a lot of attention. Yesterday I felt stressed out and ending up bawling after I tried for a couple of hours to get her to nap. I want to do what I need to get back on track and be a healthier me. Sometimes I feel a little resentful that my life seems to revolve around babysitting and I don't have the free time I once had. I remind myself over and over that it is up to ME to overcome what is holding me back and I can figure out a way to work within the limitations I have at this time. People have full time jobs, people have more than one little person to deal with at home...and they all manage. I need to do the same and not use it as an excuse but there are just those moments well I feel trapped. That has really got to stop because it is melting my good feelings and making me not very nice. One of my old friends is very sick and I have other people in my life who are struggling with issues that they can't control and I try very hard to remember them when the pity kicks in. I am truly blessed, lucky and as another friend told me recently...I need to worry about what I have control over...the rest leave to God.

So I am adding in that I am so happy I went for a walk this morning. I put the little girl in the stroller and walked for 4 miles. The bonus was she fell asleep on the way back and slept longer once we got home. I was able to fix and eat lunch quietly without interruption and get a few things done. My time was well spent and I was free of frustration. For lunch I made a mixed baby greens salad with cucumbers,olives,sweet peppers,broccoli dressed with pantry vinegrett. I cooked some shrimp in a small amount of ghee and topped my salad with those. I had some frozen blueberries on the side. I am drinking plenty of water today as well.

The day is done and I survived and no afternoon coffee I might add. For meal#3 I made a,yellow curry and added shredded pork, butternut squash, cauliflower and basil. I ate the leftover green beans and brussel sprouts. It was all very tasty. On to day #3 and 28 to go.

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