Friday, September 25, 2015

Day #11

I survived day #11. I got creative in the kitchen too. This morning for Meal #1 I made a frittata of sorts. It had sweet potato, spinach, prosciutto, eggs and coconut milk. I had Monkey salad on the side. Meal #2 was really yummy. I stir fried vegetables and made a sauce using cashew butter, siracha and coconut aminoes. Meal #3 was pork chops, sautĂ©ed greens with prosciutto, and roasted butternut squash. I went to Trader Joe's today and found some Whole30 compliant sausages, prosciutto and a couple of other things. I love the great deal on vegetables I always get there. I even bought a pie pumpkin to roast for a vegetable sometime. How many more days? Oh yeah...19. I miss my equal in my coffee. I think I can handle the coconut milk but the sweetness is something I miss in my roasty toasty cup of coffee. Who knows by the time the month is over I may be so used to it I won't go back to the equal. We'll see. Onward I go.

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