Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day #5

Well today was Saturday and my 5th day on Whole30. I didn't feel like an elaborate Meal #1 so I reheated the last of my two pork sausages and had a mixed fruit salad with coconut meat and cashews on top. That was really good and filling. I am finding that I am not really feeling hungry and so my urge to snack hasn't been too strong. I still think about food, the M&M's on top of the refrigerator that stare longingly at me, the cupboard full of chips that I am sure would be delicious OR how bout that popcorn my son popped last night...smelled heavenly. I don't touch...and I am keenly aware of my senses. For meal #2 a made a salad with a lot of different vegetables. I whipped up the avocado dressing that is in the ISWF book and had that mixed in. We had left over London broil from last night so I put that on the top for my protein. For my final meal of the day I made an awesome beef and vegetable chili and had kiwi and plum on the side. I was stoked at how good the chili tasted. Sweet potatoes, zucchini, onion, red pepper and jalapeno were the stars of the show. It was spicy and flavorful. I am so glad I have leftovers to enjoy on another day. It was really cool out today and I put on my shoes and went for a good 5 mile walk. That felt so good. I am looking forward to getting out tomorrow and doing that again. I miss my regular walks. It will be so nice to figure out a schedule where I can walk routinely again. So far my impression of this program is good. I have energy and emotionally I feel better...perhaps that is because I have something I am committed to and am working hard to follow the guidelines. I drink more water than I used to. So...5 down...and 25 more to go. I am on a roll.


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