Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wow, what a day.

What a gorgeous Saturday and I feel like we got so much done. Kent and I went and bought 3 Azaleas to go in the front flower beds. We had some ugly cedar plants that I pulled out and replaced. Then we went and bought a cubic yard of new black mulch and recovered all our beds in the front yard and around the trees. It was nice to spend most of the afternoon in the yard. Justin was so cute. He was a big help and insisted and doing his share of carrying buckets of mulch and dumping it where it needed to go. He got the thrill of getting his first icecream bar from the icecream man going down the street. I had to laugh and immediately thought of my buddies Melissa and Terri when I heard the familiar "Do Your Ears Hang Low" tune and saw this white van coming down the street. Oh the memories it brought back. I thought..."oh they would say..."don't do it Amy..." "Don't support the terrorist"...but I have never seen an ice cream truck around here and I knew Justin would think it was so cool. I should have just told him the old standby..."hey's a music truck!"

Well, as of today, I have lost 38 pounds. I can't believe how my body has changed. I told Kent that it is pretty amazing how different I feel in just 2 months.

I ordered the rest of the family pizza for tonight but I will eat a WW frozen dinner. Kent said it wouldn't kill me to eat a piece of pizza and he's wouldn't but it would probably make me feel sick and I am not up for that. I eat so little fat...and definitely never eat white flour that my system wouldn't handle that too well.

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Teri said...

That's hilarious about the music truck! I'll never forget the first time J realized it when he said "MOM! Did you know they have ice cream on the music truck?!?!" lol!