Friday, January 16, 2009

31.4 Yay! Running on the Treadmill...YIKES!

It's still coming off at a pretty good clip and that is exciting. A friend of mine asked me the other day how I stick with it. I guess it's because I am not on a diet. I just changed the way I eat all together. I don't count calories...I WATCH what I eat...and am very aware of it. Yeah, I do measure my cereal in the morning...and I have been known to measure my milk at times. I know what 4 oz of chicken or turkey look like but for the most part...I just WATCH....what I eat. I do use my 1/4 cup when I am getting my almonds to eat and if that isn't' handy...well, I count 28. LOL

So yesterday I tried for the first day this running program that is a 10 week program. The first week you walk for 10 minutes then you run for 1 minute, walk for 2, then run 1 and alternate walking 2...and you do this for 5 reps. and end with 1 more one minute run and then another 10 minute walk. You end up having run for 7 minutes. Hubby and I went to the gym last armed with my giant stop watch and I did this on the tread mill and I got through 4 of the reps but darn it all if I just could not do the last 3. I don't know what it is about running on the tread mill that is so hard for me. It's like a bad movie and I feel like I am going to fly off the back and out the wall. So I am holding on for dear life...and then I have one finger on the "arrow" speeding it up when it's time to speed up...and then finger on the arrow...frantically trying to slow down when I need to slow down...all the while feeling like I am going to fall over....and holding on for dear's crazy. I am sure there has to be a rhythm to it with the tread mill but I have not got it. I may do better just jogging on the trails here and doing it that way...probably much easy than fighting the treadmill.

Thanks for all the comments to those who leave really makes me feel so good and I am grateful for the support. I can't wait to get my laptop up and running because I did take a before picture and will soon post that with a current picture so y'all can see the change!


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