Monday, January 19, 2009

Gotta Get My Fix........

It's been a couple of days. I meant to get on here yesterday but the day slipped away from me. Saturday was wonderful. We spent the day puttering around in the back yard. We started our raised beds for our garden and I planted a raspberry bush and blueberry bush. My herb seedlings are doing pretty well. I am now taking them outside to the shade during the day and then back in at night. I can't wait for spring and get in to full planting mode.

Kent and I went to the gym tonight. It felt good. I keep getting this weird buring at the back of my neck and that bothers me. I thought it was my sports bra but it happens when I am not wearing it. I wonder what that is about. Anyway......that is all I have to complain about...well, my house is a mess but it's always a mess......LOTS to do......always plenty to do.

Got on the scale this morning....32.4 now....seems like I am averaging about 2.5 -3 a week. That's pretty good. I'd love to keep up this pace but I know that my weight will slow down eventually when I get in to the really hard weight....that'll be the nails on the chalk board weight.....You'll hear me really spittin and sputterin then.

Off to bed for me! It's late.

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