Thursday, January 8, 2009

27.4 BOO YA!

Yeah Baby!

Yesterday Justin and I walked for an hour. The thing that sucks is that I have a lovely blister on my right heel. I am afraid of what that may do to me today. I may try wearing my old shoes and see if it doesn't bother me. I got new shoes this weekend and I am trying to break them in. (New Asics) I guess worse case is I will do all weights and stretching today if that is what it comes down to. That is something right?

I seriously need a haircut! BAD! It's just that my hair looks so awful that I am embarrassed to go to get it cut. So tell me how much sense that makes? hahahahaha I am letting the grey grow come in. The last time I got it cut I told the lady to thin it out because I wanted a bunch of the color cut off. She didn't do what I asked so I took a pair of thinning shears to it...and well, I went a little willy nilly. So it needs to be shaped up....I guess I won't do that again. Well, never say never....

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DANIELLE said...

27.4! Wow! You totally amaze and inspire me!