Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wow, It's 2009

Can you believe it's 2009???????????

I can hardly believe it! Where has the time gone?

I went and worked out this afternoon. I did 50 hard minutes on the treadmill. There was a lady in the gym and we were talking and that made the time go so much faster. It turned out she is a trainer at Bally's Fitness. I told her what I have been doing and though she was concerned about the rate of my weight loss she said it did sound like I am doing all the right things. She did say that I need to add weights to my routine or I am not going to like my body soon. I know she is right. So I will work on a schedule of reps on the machines in the gym. Fortunately they have a nice set up over there and it'll only add 20 minutes more or so to my work out. I can do weights on 3 of my work out days a week.

We got the tree out. I have to pull all the boxes out from under the stairs and put everything away. I am not looking forward to that. I am looking forward to the holidays being over with though. This time of year things start to settle a little bit. I can get in to my groove and continue to get strong. I have got to get back to my medical coding. I really have gotten behind and I want to pick it back up and start studying. I could actually study while I am on the tread mill....hmmmmmmmm.....that's an idea.

I go to the Dr. on Tuesday...I wonder what she is going to say.....she is either going to be happy or tell me to slow down....I just don't know what I could do differently. I am not being stupid.....I really eat well, eat plenty and exercise moderately.....I believe I have just gone from one who drank nothing but diet soda and was sedentary and ate bad drinking water, eating well and the amount I need for fuel and moving my I am losing. It will slow way down eventually.....I know that day is coming....the smaller I get.....but for now....I'll enjoy this.

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