Monday, January 12, 2009

I Felt Like Homer Simpson Today

Except I wasn't drooling over Doughnuts......

I made Justin some buttered toast this morning. I left the butter on the counter and I left for a bit and when I came back and saw the softened butter.....I got all googly and thought like Homer must....and.....said.....BUTTER.....but no....didn't touch it! I am actually turned off by the stuff! I made real, yeah...the real kind....french fries for my family the other night and I was so grossed out by the smell and the oil popping about yuck! I do not miss that crap at all.....of course I had to make my lovely comments to make them all so much more appealing to them..."here's your artery clogging, thigh jiggling, muscle shrinking, fat sludging...etc, etc..."

I just ate a very yummy salad. I grilled some chicken last night. I am such a good griller! I put the slightest bit of bbq sauce on it and it was delish! Anyway...I have these super high fiber, light English muffins so I cubed them and put them in a bowl with a teaspoon of olive oil drizzled on them with these Italian seasonings I got from this fancy smancy oil store and I shook them around and then put them on a pan and toasted them for some yummy bread crumbs. I put them on my salad with left over grilled chicken and lots of veg's.

Today's number is 29.2.

Justin and I are going on a walk in a bit as soon as my lunch settles. It was so cold this morning but it is turning out to be so nice. I like going to the gym but if I can be outside in the sunshine I love that even more!

I am super excited about my garden plans....Yeppers! I have planted my herbs in the little starter thingies already. I checked out some books and the bug has bit me. I am looking forward to getting it started. Someone on the Coastie Chicks board mentioned "Square Foot Gardening" and I checked out the book and I do believe this is going to be the way to go......What a fun hobby this is going to be for our entire family. I can say......."Kids......go pick me a salad!" hahahahaha
Katie wants strawberries so I told her she is in charge of learning about those and those will be her babies but of course she has to share.

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