Tuesday, January 27, 2009

That darn treadmill, or is it me...or both...okay it's me...

Those plateaus are no fun. I don't mean weight plateaus but it seems like my body is adjusting again to my workout again and so it's time to turn it up. I was on the treadmill today, doing my thing...sweating...working pretty hard but obviously not hard enough because my heart rate just would not climb like I needed it too...frustrating. That's the good thing about wearing a heart monitor is being able to really see that. Knowing whether or not the heart is really getting a good work out is key. When I went to the cardiologist I was able to check this monitor to see how accurate it really is and I am proud to report it is spot on! Anyway....I guess I am going to invest in one of these "Shred" videos and move some furniture and add that to the weekly routine.

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