Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bragging Time....My Silver Key Award Winning Daughter!!!!!!

My KelleyBelle...well, that is what we call her received her "Schlolastic Silver Key" award for a drawing she did this year. 1, 266 art projects were entered this year from the entire Houston area and only 135 were chosen. They participants were honored today at a gallery/reception where they received their awards. I wanted to brag. We are really proud. She is very talented...She did a self portrait in pencil titled.."crooked smile". It was her first attempt at this and was shocked the art teachers wanted to enter it and even more shocked it was chosen. It's a real honor especially for a first time art student. (this is her first year in art)


Teri said...

Congratulations Kellie!!! Awesome job!

Melissa said...

Kellie is so beautiful! Congratulations, the portrait is awesome!