Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 Days and a Wake Up!

Until my trip to Cali! I am soooooooooooper excited! This is the first time that I have ever done something like this. I am taking time out...(not just a couple of hours without kids) to relax and enjoy friendship and visit a place that is beautiful. I love my family...I adore them but sometimes....you gotta get "in tune" with yourself and be SELFISH....and in reality it's not selfish at all because it helps make one a better person! It's kind of that UNWIND time! I need it! I am glad my hubs is willing to stay behind and be Mr. Mom for the weekend and put up with the antics while I go. He was funny because he said that someone will for sure come down with Chicken Pox or be in the E.R. sick or something...never fails. I told him he can handle it...He can. I love that man.......he's the best! There are things about California I just love....the way the air feels....I love coming out of the Caldecott Tunnel and it's a completely different climate on the other side....like it can be foggy on one side but sunny on the other. You drive around the corner and BOOM, there is the San Francisco Bay with the Golden Gate in the distance. I love the Farmer's Markets, and Trader Joe's stores which have all kinds of yummy, healthy food. The hills and Mountains in the distance, the people who walk or bike all over....I really like that. I get a kick out of driving along with the BART racing beside me...wondering who will get there first and watching the people through the windows...wondering what their story is. I love San Francisco and feeling like I am NOT a tourist and it's not a scary, unapproachable place. Now that I have driven in San Francisco I feel like I can take on most any city....If you can survive trolleys, buses, and crazy cab drivers....You can survive driving anywhere. I am truly looking forward to sitting in the house of my dear friend and just hanging out with her. I am also looking forward to totally surprising the heck out of another friend who has no idea I am going to be in town. She doesn't read my blog...don't think she even knows about it. I am going to just show up on her door step...and call her! Can't wait to see her face...that will be priceless! Gonna be a fun time!

I went to Old Navy to find another pair of jeans as I am down to one pair...rest are too big. I found a pair that fit but I didn't LOVE them. So I passed. I am not going to pay for jeans to wear for a month or less that I don't LOVE. (giggle!) It's hard to find them that have a zipper that is more than 2 inches tall....There are some scary pants out there....especially now that I am actually starting to shop the "regular" racks! Hallelujah!

I got on the scale this morning. 51.6 off. It was a little slow there for a week or two but it's picking back up. I know I will get plenty of exercise around the house today in addition to the gym or a long walk because it's house cleaning day . I have to get things in before I leave just so I can wag my finger and say...."it better be this way when I get back". hahahahaha. Nah, I don't care.....I hope they have fun and enjoy each other. I have many a list to make today so I will get to my "doin's"!

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DANIELLE said...

San Francisco?!?! I LOVE San Fran!! Besides Boston, it's my favorite city. You'll have sooo much fun!

And you are soo close to me! Only 4 hours away. :) Crazy.