Sunday, February 22, 2009

50.....50....50......And My Clothes Keep Growing!

Yeah, you read it says 50, the big 5 - 0 , as in 50 a gigantimo size of dog food, or 50 pound sack of potatoes, or 50 pounds of peanut M&M's (now I am dreaming!). ha!ha! I did it! As sponge bob would say....."I diddy iddy id it!" But now this weird thing is happening. My clothes are everytime I wash and dry them and put them on they keep getting bigger and bigger. It's the strangest thing. Today when I was getting ready for church I was in the closet and in the past I have always had the mountain of outfits on my bed that I tried on...that were too tight. Today....seemed like it was all too big. What a problem to have, huh? No complaints though. It does pose a dilema though because when I buy things they don't fit for long. I bought a pair of jeans right before my nieces shower Feb. 7th, and now those are too big...let's see that's all of 2 weeks of wear? I have checked out Goodwill but not feeling the 1980's classic high waisted Mom jeans. Hopefully I can figure something out so I don't have to wear sacks. Hey, I am going to start eyeballing my husbands clothes pretty soon. He may not like it if he catches me in his Levi's....awe, he'd just be proud! What am I saying...he is proud!

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