Friday, February 6, 2009

Just Pure Frustration Today!

I know things could be so much worse...and I guess in reality they aren't really that bad. I am just frustrated. I am tired of Dr.'s. I am tired of appointments...I am tired of one thing after another...seriously. I am working really hard at changing my life and getting healthy and it just doesn't seem that simple.

So why today am I frustrated? Well, probably began yesterday. I got the kids off school bus and walked in the door only to have a call from Dr.'s office. "We got your lab work back from day before..Dr. wants you to come in NOW so she can go over results." I was like..."NOW?" I have kids and this and that..."well...bring the kids with you...we don't mind kids..." So I kid gets situated and run over there worried...thinking...what in the heck tests did they run? Turns out my liver is not liking the Naproxen and I am all but NOT to take it. So that leaves me in LOTS of pain. I have these Lidoderm patches that give me some relief but not so I hurt....That's frustration #1... oh yeah...I had to give more blood...and have to go back next week...and make appointment with that means yet another Dr. AND go to physical therapy which means having to ask someone to watch Justin for a couple of hours for 3 days next week which I hate doing. (fortunately someone from church is helping me out with that)

THEN, today...I get a call from Cardiologist....They say....well, we got your labs back...and Good brought your Cholesterol down in 2 1/2 months from 214 to 166, Triglycerides from 171 to 95 BUT.................................... your BAD cholesterol is still much higher than the good so now you get to take baby aspirin and Niacin that Dr. is prescribing before bed every night. Yeah, I know it's that big a deal BUT I don't like taking medicine in the first place...I already take one medication on a regular basis...and I don't like the fact that now I have to take more....especially when I have been literally working my ASS off to do all of this so I wouldn't have to do anything like this.

It just makes me really sad....I am so grateful that I am healthier but sick of the snowball effect with Dr.'s and crap like that.

Oh yeah...and my new number is 42.8 pounds down since Dec. 1st. Go me...


Teri said...

yea GO YOU!!! You rock Amy!!

I'm sorry that you didn't hear everything you wanted to hear, but there was alot of good in there. You really are doing awesome. I'm rootin' (and prayin') for ya!!

Mary H. said...

I love your blog. I bookmarked it a while back and tonight I had a chance to really read through it. I think you are amazingly courageous and I admire you. I laughed and cried so many times reading about your struggle. I seriously think you are one heck of a writer.