Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tomorrow I am on my way....Going to Cali!

I am so excited....but of course...I have apprehensions and I hate that. Anytime I am separated from my family my fear creeps in and it drives me batty. I try to shoo it away but it's there. You know the "what ifs..." I just remind myself over and over that I'll be fine...they'll be fine....and it's going to be a great trip. I love them dearly and will miss them for the short weekend away but looking forward to the "Mama's Gone Wild" weekend as my dear friend Terry is calling it. Can't be too wild if it involves me....(giggle!) I'll behave, eat well, walk plenty and come back ready to tackle more of my goals. I'll be back with pictures and tales to tell I am sure!


Teri said...

Hope you're having fun already!

Melissa said...

I hope you are having a wonderful time!
Drive by Diggers and sniff a burger for me!