Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She's Back!

Terry chose "Barney Purple" for her toes...(love ya girl!) and I was feeling funky and chose dark blue!

This is our drama pose! Covergirl watch out!

This was a "Dave, hurry up and take the picture this leg is heavy!"

Well I am back from my trip and I have to say it was a blast! It was as much fun as I hoped it would be. My dear friend Terry was a wonderful hostess (with the mostest!). We spent most of our time just hanging out, staying up late and talking. We did some shopping, some eating out, some pampering and some laughing so hard we thought we should have worn our depends. I am so glad I went and love, love, love my hubby for holding down the fort for me while I was gone. It sounds like he did an amazing job. When my Katie told me on the phone..."I think Dad was born to be a Mom" I knew they were fine.
I was worried I might gain weight being out of my routine but in fact I lost. I was really good while there with very few deviations from my normal plan. Today I am down over 55 pounds.
I was bad and didn't take a whole lot of pictures...just the few of Terry and I goofing around before I left. So I will post a few of those. She took some shots for me for my blog to show my progress!
It's good to be home...I missed my family. I went to physical therapy and I am happy to report they released me so I only have to go back on a very limited basis and do my exercises at home. He also showed me how to do a lot more weight training type stuff now, and crunches, strength, I can work on areas I haven't been able to do to my neck. Now I can get my darn arms smaller. Yay!

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