Monday, March 9, 2009

So Frustrated

Another wall....I guess because I dropped 6 pounds last week, that my body is clinching down this week. I honestly would rather have split the 6 over a two week period because it "mentally" feels better than seeing the same stupid number on the scale day after day. I know I should not be complaining so someone feel free to slap me! My eating hasn't changed...but what has changed is that in my walking....I have added in some weights and exercises with my ball. 3 times this week I spent about an hour extra on the ball doing crunches, and all kinds of exercises that my physical therapist gave me to do for strengthening and toning. So I actually worked out more this week...walked EVERYDAY but stinky scale won't squeek out a pound. I don't like weeks like this. I know they are inevitable but still makes me want to spit and sputter....not give up at all....NO WAY but fuss a bit all the same!

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Teri said...

Remember that as you do the strength building exercises, you are increasing your muscle. So even though your weight may not change, your body has. And that's the whole point!

(consider yourself cyber slapped!)