Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today I reminded for some reason...of all the things that have brought me to the point I am. Nothing happened today it is just I am in that "thought" and this is a good thing. It is very good to remember the painful moments and times that bring one so low that they decide they have had enough of something. I cannot begin to tell you how excruciatingly painful it has been for me. I have family who I know have felt the same pain, I have friends...I see strangers....I know how it feels....we don't talk about it. There is no way I would ever open up and share with anyone the humiliating things associated with being so overweight that caused me to feel worthless. I WASN'T but it felt that way....definitely. Then pile on top of that all the physical problems...and then the social stigma....and the clothes that don't fit, and the chairs your afraid you'll break or the ass doesn't even fit in to, and I could go on and on and on and on...............the list is overwhelming. It is so painful to remember....but it's important...and when I work out....and I work on my meals and everything I do....I hold in my heart those thoughts....that life is good now and better and because of the changes I have made....I have overcome those issues. My goodness.....self esteem and I are friends now.....we've met and actually like each other.....and get along swimmingly and think it's okay to hang out.....(laugh)

I share all these kind of thoughts because I know that there is someone out there....maybe two out there, or ten out there or 100 or 1000.....(yeah, like that many would ever read this...) but that can sit back and say to themselves....."that's how I feel...that is exactly how I feel...someone else has felt like I feel, and they say it can get better." I just want to offer some hope. Hang in there....Hang on there and believe in yourself......because this is worth fighting for......I promise you. I am so much happier now...and feel so good.

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TX Hazens said...

Loved the pep talk. I am back on the wagon. The BMI index really woke me up (that and the thought of ball gowns).

Extreme fatigue and Isaac being sick are working against me, but I shall overcome.

You are my beacon of light! Keep up the good work!