Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally it moves again!

That sucker finally moved after a couple of days of sitting there...I was bugging out a bit. I try to tell myself NOT to be obsessed, yeah that is going to happen. I am very goal driven right now...I have one thing on my mind...reach my goal...reach my goal...reach my goal.

I have little ones along the way...10 pounds a month is one of them. So right now it's the 11Th of March, and I have 2.8 left to lose this month to ensure that I meet that goal. So I feel pretty safe that I will meet it. You see MAY is a huge BENCHMARK month for me....that is a month that I will break through a wall that is so big I am dizzy excited about! That is why I stick with the 10 pounds a month that by the end of May....POW! WHAM!CRASH! a wall comes tumbling down....something I haven't been below in over 20 years! See, you'd be excited too!

After that huge break through just another 4 months and I will be "there" and then I keep on truckin....and keep doing what I am....with a "twist". That sounds like a good "made for TV" movie, huh? No, once I have reached my goal...then I will begin the process of learning to allow myself to enjoy a treat here or there with my family...something I don't do now....because it'll throw me off my path and I hate the guilt. That is one of those things in my head I have to work on. I'm getting there....a work in progress.

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