Friday, March 13, 2009

Okay, new day...I am better.

Now that I have had to digest things a little I feel a bit better. Sorry for the ominous post yesterday but I spent a good bit of the morning at the psychologist office getting overwhelmed with the findings from my 11 yr. old's testing that was done in February. So much to take in and way more than I understand right now. He has lots going on with him...some of it is genetic and then some of it is neurological and that is possibly from damage during the 2 year stint of seizure activity, and then there's other junk. We have lots of work ahead of us but I know things will work out...we just have to get the school very involved and come up with an education plan for him. He'll keep going to counciling, and then probably start on some meds soon. Deep breath.......
It's gonna get better...It'll be so much better for him now that we honestly know what in the heck is going on....that is a huge positive.


Melissa said...

Amy, you and L will be in my prayers!
Big Hugs to you both.

Teri said...

It's going to be okay. Information is always good. As you said, now you can put together a plan and you know what's going on. Praying for you and L.