Monday, March 23, 2009

I did a double take this morning!

What a fun spring break we had! It started off slow but ended up great. Kent and I were able to go the the rodeo on Wednesday. We were treated to two "suite" tickets in the Reliant Center courtesy of the Coast Guard. We were served a nice dinner in a lounge that right there close to our seats. They had a free bar as well but of course we just enjoyed all the water we could drink and Kent had his cokes. We watched the rodeo itself which was lots of fun and then we enjoyed a Gary Allan concert. I am not a fan...just went because of the tickets. He was good but I got bored about 2/3 of the way through and after watching so many of the folks taking advantage...overkill actually of the free booze....I wanted to leave before the masses did so we cut out of there early. So we left before the concert was over and drove safely home.

Thursday we drove down to Corpus to visit the family and then spent Friday at Port Aransas on the beach with my cousins and there kiddos and that was so much fun. The beach was beautiful...the company was even better. I am so grateful we live back in Texas and close to family where we can enjoy trips down to hang out and get to know each other once again. As kids all of us cousins were more like brothers and sisters and my Aunt and Uncle are truly like my other Mom and Dad, so it's great to be near them again. I missed it.

In the title of my post I said I did a "double take". Well, last two weeks have been slow for me but this morning I got on the scale expecting to have lost a pound or two but I did better than that. I lost 4.6 this week and that puts me at 62.8 now..... and it also helps me make that goal of 10 pounds a month and gives me a head start on April so I am happy, happy.

I will share with you some observations too, and I think this made a huge difference. I really made a more conscience effort this week to make sure I had my snacks readily available and didn't miss them. The week before I don't think I ate enough. I think that is why my weight loss slowed down. I have to make sure I eat enough and keep my metabolism going at an even pace or I don't lose weight. There were days I was out of energy and I told my hubs...I am not eating enough and when I was figuring out how much I had eaten by 4 in the afternoon it was not nearly what it should have been...not because I was trying to skimp...just because I was getting lazy or too busy to take a moment to make a snack. So, baggies of almonds went in my purse this week....and I was eating them...about 2 hours after my last meal if I wasn't where I could have something else.

It's nice to be back home but there is a ton to do now, get caught up on, and get back in the saddle with. My house is turned upside down and all I better get to it!

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Teri said...

Great job Amy!