Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just some thoughts...

This has been a really slow week for me, one that has felt full of hiccups and just not a great groove. I have walked but not my usual. I have eaten right for the most part but also not my usual. Today (Super Bowl) I just ate whatever I wanted to...way to much. The day is over with so I am just going to move on. The thing is, in the back of my head I have been sort of knocking myself a bit. I was in the shower tonight and I was thinking "well I had hoped to be in the 180's by the time Kent and I have our anniversary trip". That's a whole 20 days away and I weighed today and I was 193, and so I don't know why my thoughts were so defeatist. I can lose 3.something pounds by the 20th, I just need to work harder and not lose my focus. I think that is what has been happening. I have been getting off track and losing some of my focus. I haven't been goal setting lately and I need to keep doing that. So my goal is now to be 189.9 by Feb. 20th. I will record in my calendar on my phone some goals which helps me keep track and also gets me excited as I see my progress. I also realize that I need to be encouraged by my progress and motivated by the changes that I see rather than frustrated by the changes I don't see yet. I think that is really what is going on right now. I am expecting myself to be in a place I am not yet because things have really slowed down however it is not a bad thing...the slowing down part. My body is having time to adjust, my brain is having adjust and I am having time to get used to this new me. Anyway....just wanted to get these thoughts put out there. Set goals...that is my plan for the week.

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