Sunday, February 22, 2015

Many Thoughts

My pictures are a bit out of order but that is okay. I have wanted to put a couple of my thoughts down. I have been thinking a lot this weekend after an amazing week and a wonderful birthday and anniversary. Kent and I went to Seattle and spent the night in a beautiful hotel and it was total gluttony and no holds barred when it came to eating. I think the thing that makes me happy is the way I feel about it. I don't feel guilty. I loved the weekend, I loved our time, I loved the food and I loved the freedom. I also am so happy that I don't feel like I have given away anything or fallen behind or lost anything by completely having an amazing time. This is a huge leap for me, HUGE leap for me and means I have grown so much. I feel so comfortable in this space I am in. I am changing in ways that I love. I love me, I love the body I have created and I love the self acceptance that I am seeing. I don't feel like every little thing I do will be the end all and I am losing my grip, I am in fact in a rhythm that is incredibly positive. So on to the pictures of this desk...something else that I am doing that is bringing me great joy is a hobby of mine. That is repurposing furniture and giving it a second life such as this desk I got for free. This is so fun to do and I love having a vision and transforming things. Hobbies are a great things and I believe good for the heart and mind too.

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