Monday, February 2, 2015

If it ain't broke....

How does that go? Don't fix it? I have been doing a lot of research on diets lately. This paleo diet seems to be all the rage currently and I must admit that some of the recipes look really yummy. I am even using a few of them just because they honestly look good and healthy. It doesn't really get much further than that with me though because what I am doing is working and I can live with what I am doing? If someone flat out asked me what I "do" I guess I would put it like this. I eat  smaller portions, more fiber, better fats, I have cut out most white starches and sugars, I have even cut out artificial sweeteners now for the most part, more vegetables, less red meat, good fruits in moderation and I walk 4 days a week at least for no less than 3 miles per walk. I don't sit and count calories at but if I were to do that if I were guessing...probably a day for me is in the 2000 range or less. Oh...and I usually have my dark chocolate usually every day in the form of a 72% cacao snap off a bar to the tune of a 100-150 calories worth. I should drink more water than I do but that is something I need to work on. My bladder weakness and my desire to be able to walk precludes me from being able to drink a ton of liquid but I am working on that. So this is what I do...I eat breakfast every day which is usually some Kashi cereal with unsweetened coconut milk, or home-made granola with blueberries. I never skip breakfast though. If I am feeling adventurous I will make some eggs and have that with a high fiber English muffin. I just don't skip. I try an eat an apple a day. I have incorporated chia seeds in my diet now usually in the form of a smoothie with blueberries and unsweetened coconut milk and half a banana. That is a yummy snack. This is easy for me and I can live like this without feeling like I am missing out on life. When I make dinner I try to make things that I can eat. I love to roast vegetables and I have gotten the family to board that train too. It is funny to see them munching on my roasted broccoli and cauliflower or chowing on Brussels sprouts. Anyway...I guess the whole point to this post is to remind myself that I am doing just fine at what I am doing. Now this morning I paid a price for eating too much junk yesterday after 4 or 5 trips to the bathroom it was better but seriously....when you eat better and then you eat crap...your body says....EWWWWWW...get rid of that crap....LITERALLY! Ha!Ha! So I will just keep on trucking and keep setting goals for myself. Last night I marked on the calendar in my phone that I want to be 189.9 by Feb. 20. I have another trip in March and I would love to be in the 179 range by then. That will be my next goal after I meet this first one. Baby steps... :)

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