Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's Wednesday, therefore I weigh...

192.4 and I say thank goodness. I feel more confident about my 189.9 goal for the 20th. I have been recording my walking on my phone which I think is motivating. Yesterday I really didn't feel like going but I did anyway. Those are the days I say...GO!GO!GO! I always feel better afterward. Those days that I also walk and something tells me to walk just a little further and I do I always am glad I did. It means I need it and it makes me feel not only physically better but emotionally stronger. Yesterday I saw the word "loop" on a street sign and of course loop means "loop" so I took it. It added almost a mile to my walk and it was a pretty walk. It was worth the venture. It's getting lighter later, and a little warmer but still drizzly but we are getting there. I am looking forward to sunnier days. Someone will have to plink me in the head if I complain about being hot when I walk this Spring and Summer.

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