Saturday, February 7, 2015

It doesn't pay be be naughty....

Because my gut is in a whole world of hurt. :( We took the kids out to dinner tonight and I enjoyed myself. I had "green eggs and ham" which was pesto scrambled eggs with ham. I ate some rye toast and cottage cheese but the kicker or killer was that I consumed a chocolate malt. Yep...I did and boy was it good. my stomach screaming at me and my intestines are just about as noisy. It was so much fun to go out and have fun with my family at this cute diner but I indulged myself too much and I will pay for it. I am not worried about the pound I might gain...I am worried about what tomorrow will bring or even tonight until I get over this. Uggg. LOL I walked over 5 miles today but I am sure that is null and void. Whatever. Tomorrow is a new day and there are no set backs. This was all about being with my husband and kids and doing something we don't do very often at all. It was worth it.

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