Tuesday, April 14, 2009


YIP!YIP!YA HOO! Yea, you read that right up there in my title...70 pounds....and I am very happy about that. I am thrilled about that. 70 pounds in 4.5 months through healthy eating and exercise alone.....nothing extreme.....absolutely NOTHING extreme.

So now I am going to get brave and real with those of you who read my blog. I want you to share with you the reality of my journey. My sweet husband is still waiting for that "last straw" moment but not giving that one up yet. I am now 10 pounds away from breaking down a huge barrier....that wall I have been talking about here on my blog for a long time. There are some of you who already know what that "wall" is...some have guessed...some of you are just close enough to me and know my secret....but the wall is that I am 210 pounds....so I am 10 pounds away from getting under 200. I have not been less than 200 in over 20 years. So yes....my reality is that I weighed 280 on Dec. 1, 2008. In fact....in Nov. when I saw the Dr. at one point when I weighed in...I was as high as 286. The thought of being so close to 300 pounds that I could literally reach out and touch it makes me shudder...the thought that I can almost reach out and touch 199 makes me giddy. Something has changed inside of me and it is indescribable. I wish I could tell you what's the key that unlocked this "thing" inside of me. I have gone from wanting, wishing, hoping....to knowing. There is no more "if"....it is "WHEN". The clarity I feel about all of this is amazing and empowering. I wish I could wrap this gift up and give it to everyone but it's something you have to find within yourselves...it's the only way you can truly stay on the course.

I have a goal in mind based on charts but it is negotiable based on how I look and feel. I have never been a little girl, I am big boned so have never worn a small size in anything. By the "charts" I am looking at losing another 53 pounds and that is going to the very top of the chart...for a BMI of 25....(for a weight of 157) So I am willing not to be silly about it when it gets closer to that goal. I have fantastic numbers with regards to blood work, blood pressure, etc. I just need to finish getting the fat off and tone and build more muscle.

My goal has been to lose 10 pounds a month so now I have lost my 10 for April because I was ahead already. Guess I can get working on my May goal now and there are still 15 days left in April.

Life is good...70 pounds....199...here I come....200....I am dusting you soon and won't see you ever again!


Mary H. said...

Whooo hoooo....I'm cheering loudly in your direction. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! I'm so proud of you.

Teri said...

OMGosh Amy!!! That's incredible!! YOU ROCK!!!

Melissa said...

You go girl! Your passion and enthusiasm are so inspiring.