Friday, April 10, 2009

Look at this beauty!

How about this one? All I need is a wicker basket on the front for my water bottle and I'd be set! So we went to Target last night to buy me a pair of shorts because honestly I have none. Well, I have a pair of workout shorts but don't want to wear those to sea world. So fun to buy smaller clothes and buy the "contoured fit" at that...not relaxed fit...not loose fit even. Super cool. Anyway...They had this pink beauty at Target and I sat on her and what a difference it makes....I definitely want this type of bike over the mountain bike type. I wasn't leaning over and the way the handle bars come out to the side it was much more comfortable. I noticed when I was on Kent's bike...keeping my arms straight out in front of me was hard on my neck and I could feel my disk burning some. So this is a great option and it has gears....Gosh! I'll keep it in my little "dreams" vault and maybe....It could be a prize for breaking down that HUGE wall that is now only a very few pounds away......YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll see.
I took a break yesterday. I was so tired and my stomach was so sore from crunches the day before. I got on the scale this morning and it really budged. I don't know why it does that when I let up sometimes. Anyway....I am happy, VERY HAPPY to report.....a loss now of 68.4!
Ultimately, when I am done....I will have lost the equivalent of my 16 year entire person. Wow!
The other night at dinner I made "King Ranch Chicken" which is one of their favorites. I don't eat much of it but it is definitely a trimmed down version because I use reduced fat soups, way less cheese, hardly any butter and the butter I use is the Promise Lite so it's not a bad type of spread...(I's not butter), grilled chicken, etc. Anyway...we were all talking and the kids were saying how sometimes they miss some of the baking, and meals I used to make. I said..."What do you want me to do?" My eldest said...."No...this is great and we are so proud of you....we just didn't realise it was going to be so terminal with you"....I thought that was so funny. One of them asked if they were always going to eat healthy and I was like "ummm....yeah...this is how it is going to be...." I did explain that once I am at my goal and have been there a while and my body adjusts....then I will learn how to give just a little and perhaps make some of the things I used to but they will definitely be tweaked I am sure. This is just the way life will be now. I don't even think I have a bottle of regular oil in the house. It's olive oil....I rarely buy regular eggs....I don't ever use white flour...I don't EVER fry unless I just want to give them the biggest treat ever and of course I don't eat it...because it grosses me out. The smell of fried food makes me literally sick to my stomach. It's funny how much I have changed. I will confess though.....the other day....I opened up a brand new loaf of cheap white bread....and it was fresh......and it smelled so good. I remember the days of doughy white bread....I could eat that....or white toast with butter and jelly.......I could eat that and lose count how much I ate. I didn't touch it of course but I smelled it and thought...that smells really good. I just thought how funny that a cheap loaf of bread would smell good to me...not a steak, not a chocolate brownie....or a coconut cake....a loaf of bread. Weird.
Well, I have had breakfast, got my walking shoes on....gonna throw that jogging stroller in the car and hit the trails....I hope y'all have a wonderful day. Do something good for yourself today to change and appreciate yourself!

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Mary H. said...

That bike is so cute. Instead of a water bottle, I use a camelback, since I can't quite figure out how to reach for my water without falling over. But then again, I haven't been on my bike in a while.

Congrats on your amazing progress. You are inspiring!!