Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feeling Better Now, PMS...Such a beast!

I think the last couple of days I was attacked by the PMS beast. hit with a vengeance! I am normally not THAT emotional. So....some of my ramblings may have been heightened by my raging hormones. My thoughts were sincere but WOZA! I was super moody!

Friday and Saturday it rained like crazy here. Friday night we went to the gym which is not my favorite place...I much rather be out walking in the fresh air but I did the tread mill and then weights for a while. Saturday you would have thought it was a hurricane coming in....the rain was unbelievable....and even the wind driven rain was crazy. So I told Kent that I just didn't want to go back to the gym....I had done my exercises on the ball but didn't feel up to the gym boredom...and then about 6....the sun came out...and I could here the birds singing outside. I quickly got outside while it was clear and went for a walk. It wasn't a long one but it was a nice one and felt so good to get out. I even ran some which felt wonderful. I did one stretch of running that I had to push myself through. I told the hubs that I was talking myself through the entire time because I wanted to quit....I had to say to myself..."you have no reason to quit....keep have done things harder than this...your not dying are almost there...etc". It wasn't even all that far a stretch but my point is... it was point A to point B and somewhere in the middle I wanted to stop but I DIDN'T. That made me feel really good. Now I need to find another point A, B and then add a C in there.

I am now over 72 pounds down and just over 7 pounds away from breaking 200. I think I am actually a little scared by how I will feel on that day. I probably don't need to even think about it. I just need to do it and then move on to the next milestone. Speaking of milestones....I discovered another one that some will appreciate and others won't relate to. You know you have really lost ALOT of weight when you can wrap a bath towel around you and it completely closes and you can tuck it in and everything like a normal person. Oh yeah...and I can put on my husband's pants about them apples? hahahahahaha. They are too short for me...and not my style but yep, I can raid his closet now....LOL (if I was really desperate)

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Kelly's Ideas said...

You inspire me!! I have a ton of weight to lose. put it this way I need to lose more than what my goal weight is....
Thank you.