Sunday, April 5, 2009

The "Green Belts"...worth the drive

I found a place that I really love to walk. It's just 15 minutes up the road and I throw the jogging stroller in the car and off we go. Justin is so good to sit as long as he does but there is so much to see on our path. Friday we walked for 2 hours and today I took Kent with me and we were gone almost that long but I am sure 30 minutes of that were spent checking out turtles, taking pictures and sitting down for a snack of cheese sticks and grapes by the lake. Having a great place to walk makes those long walks so enjoyable and a little easier.

It was also an ego boost when I ran in to the "drink" store to get Kent his soda and the clerk told me I was her "hero". She asked me what I was doing to lose so much weight. I summed it up as best I could as Kent and Justin were out in the car waiting on me. It made me feel good to share my success with someone and offer them some hope. 4 months ago these ladies in that store knew me as one who was in there grabbing a soda for me and one for I am rarely in there unless he asks me to pick him up one or I am buying gas. It was a "feel good" moment.
As far as my weight goes...I am still sitting at a loss of about 66 pounds and have been for the past 4 days or so. It is one of those plateaus again that I love to hate but that's okay. I lost about 15 pounds in March and if my body is just making it's adjustments...I am fine with that. I feel good, and I can feel myself changing so it's all good.


Melissa said...

What a beautiful place to walk! I love the pics, little J is growing so much.

DANIELLE said...

I really do think I post this every time.. but YOU.ARE.AMAZING! You look great!! I am in awe.

The secret?? Eat right and work your butt off, right??