Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back to the "slowing down" pace....

My body goes through cycles. I have periods of fast weight loss and then it slows, it happens here and there over the course of a month. I can tell when it is holding on and I am in a holding on pattern. I am not too worried about it. I suppose I would be if I were doing anything different or "cheating" as it were but I am not. I think this is just the bodies way of adjusting to change and it has definitely been through a lot. So it's all good. Just a very few squeeky pounds and I will hit the -50 mark so I think that it is okay to let nature catch up and things sort of settle in. I accepted a 100 mile challenge for the month of November. This means I either walk or run (not happening, running I mean) 100 miles in November. So far it is going great. It has me walking a little further than I normally do but at the same time it is nice to challenge myself to push on and reach further. I am whipped by the time I am done but it's a good whipping. Ha!Ha! I just don't usually walk every day and not that far so I am banking some miles so I can skip a day here or there. I believe you have to do that. We need breaks. Bodies have to rest.

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