Monday, November 10, 2014

So much walking lately...Wow!

Yesterday I was on a long walk and I found myself multiple times with a "Cheshire" cat-like grin on my face. It is crazy to feel such joy and happiness in pouring rain while jugging up a hill but there I was. One point my mind wandered back to a memory of me when I lived in Houston and I was training for the Half Marathon. I cut through a high school parking lot that happened to be next to a gym. I was feeling so happy and so proud of myself that I started doing airplanes with my arms outstretched and running in circles. I am sure the people on their spin bikes over looking the parking lot wondered what the crazy lady in the parking lot below was doing but I was just "having a moment". Lately, I am starting to have those moments. They are moments of joy and pride and gratefulness that I finally feel so much better. My body feels better, I move better and I sleep better and I have more energy and there are more smiles. When I was at the park walking on Friday I saw a young woman jogging and notice her jump up and touch the leaves of the trees with a big smile. I smiled back at her because I felt like "I got it". I get it. I get why this is so important...this change, I need this and I have to keep holding on to me. I need more of this.

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