Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So it's Wednesday....

I have to admit, I made it to Tuesday before I peeked at the scale. I am all for being up front and honest with myself here. It has helped to wait and not do the on and off every morning. This morning's weight is 220.4 so that is a loss of 51.2 since the end of July. The biggest "loss" for me is that of those sluggish feelings. It feels so much better to have some movement and energy now. That is more exciting than the number, almost. I am going to attempt wait another week before I peek at the scale again. Hopefully I will be in the teens by next week but I feel a plateau coming so I am a realist. We'll see. My next "mini" goal is to be 215 by December 1. That might be hard to do and is merely a goal. One can only try to reach out and see where it goes.

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