Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yet another week has come and gone....

I did my traditional stripping of the oh so "oversized" but heavenly comfortable fleece jammies this morning. In my birthday suit I climbed "Mt. Scale" I think I will start calling it and it read 216.6 so I am now a "teen" again and have lost 55 pounds. Perhaps my goal to be 215 by December 1 will be attainable after all but I am always leary about these things. I have backed off the November 100 mile challege because it just wasn't making me happy. I love to go on the walks I love to go on, and the lengths and times I want to go on. Feeling as though I have to push myself to some crazy limit to meet this challenge isn't what I have been enjoying and if there is no joy, then why do it. I find myself back to my walks of 4 miles here, 5 there, 3 some days or even happily skipping a day very guiltlessly. That is what I love about how I do this. It's just my way. I know a gym is in my future and that is getting closer but I think it will wait until the spring. I have a pile of weights and perhaps I need to get my butt downstairs and pick one up soon. (BIG GRIN!) That is another battle of the brain I will have to work through so that I make sure I don't give up when I start that process. It's great at first but then gets very mundane.

I am so looking forward to the holidays, and going Christmas shopping in the big city with my daughters. I can dress sharp and walk effortlessly and feel proud that not long ago I couldn't do "this". The other day I was at the end of a good 5 miles and I was struggling a little bit and I thought of a few people in my life with struggles with health and I knew that they probably would give anything to be able to do what I just did. I quit my inner whinning and pushed ahead. I am blessed. SUPER blessed. Sometimes, I forget that and need to remember that when the "I can't do this" pops in my brain. I honestly want to be here for a very long time to love, to live and to enjoy life with my family and having good health is really a key to that. I have the responsibility to do something about what I have "messed up" you might say. I know that. I am also praying, praying, praying like crazy that my children will see me and NOT follow in my footsteps. I pray they will see the struggles and they will not walk down this path. It is not worth it. Stay healthy, be physical, be active, live life. Love yourself and don't punish it with food and inactivity. I know there are some things in our life we can't control but what we can...take charge of. This is why I am so passionate about this. I can control this, this is within my power to do something about.

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