Friday, September 5, 2014

Feeling so motivated!

I can't begin to describe how happy I feel. I just feel motivated and that is because what I am doing is working and I am seeing progress. It really makes me feel good about myself and my ability to acomplish the goal I set for myself. I went to the Dr. today, my MD. When I got on the scale there, fully clothed I was in a completely different range of weight than I have been in 2 years. I haven't weighed in my birthday suit but guessing when I do that puts me about 23/24 pounds in about 6 weeks. That is a lot more weight than I want to lose in that amount of time in the future but it has given me a giant boost. I'd love to be in the 5-7-10 lb. range per month from here on out. My walks are my time to just unwind and they help me not only physically but mentally. I really missed them when I was on my trip home to visit family. I will be babysitting my Grandbaby again soon as her Mother goes back to work. I am thankful that she will be getting off early enough in the day that I will still have "MY" time to walk. Where I walk it would be difficult to push a stroller, and part of getting there is along a busy road. I don't feel very safe taking my little grand person along. I also feel very selfish about that 40-60 minutes that is mine to get healthy, to clear my head, to pray, to ponder. I don't want to lose it. It is key to my success. I had a bunch of labs done today as well at the Dr. It will be good to find out where I am at, cholesterol, sugar, and my thyroid, and even Vitamin D. So if anything needs to be dealt with, we can work on that and things can only get better. I see nothing but progress. Yay!

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