Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The scale moved....yay!!!!

Tomorrow starts the month of October and my goal is to lose 10 per month. I got on it this morning as I hadn't for a few days and was shocked it had moved a few pounds. Hurray! That means that now I am not quite but close to a 3rd of the way to my October goal already having lost 3 of my October pounds already. So 7 more to go for me and I will be in the 220's and that is an AMAZING, AMAZING thought. Did I say AMAZING? It is freaking AMAZING!!!! I will truly squeel with delight when I see 220 something on that scale! Holy cow! I can also finally see that person in the mirror that is me. That young, bright, happier ME. I see cheek bones and I am beginning to see ME. Now to get comfortable with me. It is kind of exciting to see that person staring back. I just have to get reaquinted with her. My gray hair doesn't quite match that young face but I am not going back to coloring it. Nope. I have earned these silver locks and I love every strand of it. So I am sticking with the Grandma style. Just going to be rocking, a younger, healthier, smilier Grandma body as I continue to work on the inner and outer me. I have to admit that I am a little worried about the dark, cold, and rain that is ahead this winter but I just have to push through that and make it part of what I LOVE instead of what I hate. I believe I can do that. I can find that in me. If it is making me better and leading me to a place of progress then I can finding something good in it. I just have to learn to move safely in in and not slide down the moss. :) I am doing this. I am REALLY doing this. Oh yeah...my shoes will be here today!!!!! Double good news!!!!!!

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