Saturday, September 27, 2014

Two Months Ago Today

I started this "new journey" again two months ago today. As of today I am down 32.2 pounds. I am happy with that and it is honestly more than I expected when I started out. I have to admit that I started to get a little greedy and was hoping to squeek out a little more out but honestly, that is a heck of a great loss in two months. So my hope is that things will continue at a steady pace and I can be satisfied with myself. My goal is 10 per month from here on out until February, and then I will look at where I want to go from there because once I am under 200, then I have to set an "end" goal. 175 is really a beautiful number for me but we will see how it goes. I just want to do this one step at a time. One baby step at a time. For now, it is nice to know that I am less than 40 pounds from my original goal and that was to be under 200 by my 50th Birthday. If I stay on track...I do think I may see that for my 49th. Who could happen.

I am also very excited to say that my sweetheart of a husband told me to go ahead and buy those shoes I have been eyeballin'. So come Tuesday, Mama will have a new pair of shoes. I sure hope they fit. I walked 4 miles today and I was wishing for some magic on my feet. I am not crazy enough to think that shoes will make this easier but a girl can hope, right?

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