Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just some jumbles.

Different things to say. #1: I am now .8 pounds from the goal I set for myself for September. Meaning. Okay, maybe .9. LOL I have lost over 30 pounds now. I still don't really "see" it but some of my clothes are little loser. So that is good. I am just .9 pounds from being in the 230's. so that makes me very happy. EXTREMELY HAPPY! #2: My labs came back and everything was normal except I was vitamin D deficient. This could be huge for me. It could explain a lot of my aches and pains, and be a big contributor to the low energy and depression I have been suffering from. So I have been given a "loading" dose of Vitamin D for 8 weeks, then I will go back and have my blood drawn again. If it is good, then I will start a maintenance dose of the "D". #3: I have decided I need to eat a little more if I can because I am running out of juice later in the day and it is making my walking HARD. I am not hungry but I need to push myself to eat just a little more than I do and carbs are not a sin, it is just the type of carbs that can be bad.

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