Saturday, September 13, 2014

Things that help...

I have found that helps lately is having stuff around the house that I can eat. That is probably common sense but if I don't have food readily available rather than eating something bad...I just don't eat. I am not particularly hungry, don't crave sweets really so it's more a push to eat something rather than a push to avoid food. Lately I have been making crustless quiches which have been a great snack/lunch for me to grab a piece of and it's pure protein. I don't use a recipe, just throw things together and put it in an 8 inch pie plate. I have a ham and green chili one in the oven now. A piece of that with a salad for lunch is perfect.

Last night I went on a long walk. I have been avoiding that walk because I haven't done it in a while and it involves a big hill but I was glad I did it. Now I know I have to go do it again and again. :) When I came to the hill, I just looked at the crest and headed for it. I didn't look down, just straight up where the light was at the crest and it moved me forward. I know I have so many hills to climb to get through this mess, not just one but too many to count. Things get stuck in my brain and I have to shake them out constantly. When I am walking sometimes I think I should be doing this or that too but I know I am still just getting started. I will get where I am going but can't get ahead of myself.

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