Sunday, August 31, 2014

From what I can tell so far....I am doing alright.

I had the goofiest time on my trip with my parent's scale. If I had gone by what it told me...some days I had lost 50 pounds in a month...(har!har!) and other days it was 40. That scale LOVED me. Ha!Ha! But no, I knew better and I don't know why it was trippin' when ever I got on it. I am happy though to say that when I got home my fears were not right and I did lose. So now according to "MY" scale, I am down 20 pounds. Of course I know that the Dr.'s may be a wee bit different come Friday but I know it is somewhere close. I'll take close. :) I went for a good walk today which felt awesome. It was in the 60's and it felt great to be out walking. I am so glad to be working on me again and out clearing the clutter in my mind. Now to work on the clutter in my house.

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