Friday, November 18, 2011

The Story Of The Oak Tree...Well, my story any way....

My Katie and I were driving today and she told me that she was doing a special project for school. This project would include taking some pictures of me doing things that I love. She also said that for another project she was going to ask me some very personal, "thought provoking questions". We kind of laughed together when she reminded me that it was hard to believe that almost 30 years ago, I was where she is now. She said, that is like one of the questions I might ask you about. "What did you dream about when you were 16?" "What did you see yourself as?" we turned in to the grocery store parking lot that brought us to the subject that a picture of me shopping should make a great picture of me. Since I am there all the time anyway and I love shopping. Then we began to talk about the dreams that her Dad and I have for our "someday". I told her that I dream of oak trees, and wrap around porches. I dream of fire pits and grand children screaming through the yard. I dream of herb gardens and wild flowers. I dream of the shadows that race across the stones of the Hill country. I dream of always being with my sweetheart with his pockets filled with acorns.

I have always loved Oak Trees. They have been a love of mine since I was a little girl. I guess I am drawn to them because they seem to reach deep down into to the earth as if they have always been there. It's as if the roots go so far down that they could come out on the other side of the world. They seem as if they existed forever. It's as if they have always "been". They represent strength to me. The whirey, bended branches that twist in so many different directions over years of weather and time don't weaken but make the oak stronger. To me, the oak tree represents family.

I had no idea when I met my husband that I'd find a man who'd always reach for acorns. As a little boy he did this, planted them in the ground in Mississippi and blessed his Mama with unsuspecting oak trees where she might not have wanted them. I have washed clothes and found acorns in the dryer. When we walk, he has always found the places with the acorns on the ground and of course they are tucked away in his pocket, or crushed up in a napkin to be planted on our land...someday. If we are blessed to live long lives, and he gets to plant the many acorns I have ever watched him pick up, we will be surrounded by a canopy of Oak Trees.

He has taught Justin to love acorns now, and I see his little pockets bulging as he fills them with his treasures he finds at the park or on walks. He is excited to go to Grandma's in Mississippi once again and plant some more in hopes that some unexpected trees will pop up much to his Grandmother's surprise and he can have all the credit.

Someday, I hope Kent and I can be laid down under an Oak Tree so the roots can wrap themselves around us and make us part of the earth. I told Katie if he was to ever to go before me. I am going to fill his casket with acorns. (smile) He'd miss them if he didn't have them. Besides...a tree might just pop up, and knowing him, it wouldn't surprise me. Perhaps he'll remember to tuck one in my pocket as well.

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