Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am exhausted...

I have been working on a wedding cake for my niece this entire week. I am happy to announce that I got all the cakes baked and frosting finished. Now all I have to do is transport it and get it put together for Saturday. I froze the layers for easy travel.

I haven't eaten much at all the last two days but I have eaten what I should. Just grabbing what I can running out the door. It has been a crazy week. If I am not baking I am running out the door running errands. I will be so happy when things settle back down. I want to walk, I want to shut out the world and have moments of peace.

At least I am still trying hard and happy that I am. I am not giving up on me. This weekend I will be away and so I will have to make good choices about what I eat. I doubt rehearsal dinners and weddings are the best places for that but I can make an effort. Portions will be my best friend I think in this scenario.

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